Crazy Paving

Crazy Paving Stone Pavers

What is crazy paving?

Crazy paving (also known as flagstone pavers), are assymetrically cut stone pavers laid in a mosaic-like arrangement.This style originated in ancient Rome and has been a popular landscaping and architectural trend. It is typically used for paving garden paths, patios, drive way paving, steps and even makes striking pool paving. Also, due to its decorative appeal, its popularity has surged with interior wall cladding for feature walls and fireplaces.

It is a popular paving style with architects, designers and landscapers due to its unique fluid and playful look. As a result, no paving projects with crazy paving look the same. Every time you lay crazy paving it never looks identical.

Crazy paving is an environmentally friendly option. This is because it uses the irregular cut offs from dimmensionally cut stone pavers. As a result, crazy paving maximises what would have otherwise been quarry waste.

At Stone Wall Cladding, the wide range of crazy paving offers a range of natural stone colours and textures. The crazy paving is ideal for both commercial and residential projects. Also, you can use crazy paving indoors or as outdoor paving. Crazy paving is extremely seamless and versa- tile. You can create a playful interesting tiling feature with crazy paving.

Not only are our crazy pavers great looking, they are also extremely durable and weather resistant. As a result, these crazy pavers are a practical solution for your landscaping project or renovation. Our crazy paving has a high non slip rating and is made from dense stone.

Due to the dense properties of the crazy paving stone, it makes it ideal for high traffic areas. This includes drive ways, courtyards, patios, garden paving, pool surrounds and paths. Crazy paving has random organic shapes which allow you to tile your curved pools, curved paths or unique projects with ease.

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