Stone Capping

Stone Wall Stone Capping

Pool coping isn’t just for pools – you can use them as step treads and they are also an excellent choice for wall capping.

Stone Capping

You’ve finished revamping your basic outdoor retaining walls with some magnificent stone veneers and stone cladding, but when you step back and take a look at your work, it still doesn’t look finished.

We understand how you feel, which is where stone capping may help!

When installing stone capping, the general rule of thumb is to utilise the same stone that you used for the cladding (for consistency). If you truly want to give your retaining wall that designer look, choose for capping that is thick in height and ideally overhangs on both sides of the wall: this will give your wall a magnificent look.

What is Stone Capping?
Stone capping adds a finishing touch to any feature or retaining wall, giving it a more polished look. It aids in the visual integration of the cladding material with the horizontal surface above. Without it, a wall may appear unfinished, and the cladding beneath it may be exposed.