Bluestone Pavers + Tiles

Bluestone Tiles

Bluestone is an attractive, versatile, and durable natural stone for residential and commercial paving applications. This natural material is found in patios, stepping stones, gardens, entryways, façade walls, and pool decks. Basically, this natural stone has been used as the pavers in residential properties for the past few decades.

It is mainly used for building and construction purposes. Lately, the homeowners have started to choose bluestone for pool coping projects. The anti-slip surface of this stone as well as the easy installation makes bluestone a perfect option for exterior paving. Let’s take a look at the type of bluestone pavers and their uses.

Different Types of Bluestone Pavers

The specialty of bluestone is the variety of colors and shapes it offers. Not only is its known for its durability, but bluestone comes in different colors, shapes, and sizes. They can be cut into rectangular and square shapes for a uniform look or irregular shapes. You can even create the crazy-paving pattern using the irregular-shaped and random bluestone pavers. It all comes down to your preference and the landscape.

If you want to give a natural and traditional touch to your space, then the free-form design can make the best choice. You could install bluestones on the walkways and as stepping stones. If you want to DIY the installation, then we recommend the uniform size bluestone pavers. They are easy to install. Moreover, it is easier to map out the total terrain you would like to cover with the bluestone pavers.

Bluestone Pavers and Blue Stone Paving Landscape

The earthy and cold tones of bluestone blend well with just about any landscape seamlessly. This durable material can last for many years. The color of the bluestone pavers does not fade even if you expose them to the hot and extreme temperature. Despite being thin, bluestone tiles feature a rough and anti-slip surface. That makes them a great option for pool decks. In addition to that, bluestone is available in abundance in the Australian stone markets. You only need to measure the area that needs to be covered with the bluestone and order the tiles online. They will be shipped to your location in no time.

Bluestone is a weather-resistant material. It has the ability to tolerate the harshest weather elements and fluctuating temperatures easily. No matter where you live and what temperature your area receives throughout the year, rest assured that you can never go wrong with the bluestone tiles in your exteriors. From snow to the UV rays, bluestone can tolerate just about any weather element seamlessly. Bluestone is mainly available in dark tones. While that enhances the aesthetic appeal of your property, the dark tones are known for absorbing heat. It can get a little hot to touch on hot sunny days. However, it won’t be a problem if you seal the bluestone tiles after installation. Sealing is also required every six months or one year (depending on the area you have installed the tiles). Sealing will protect bluestone from chemical damages and debris.