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Bluestone pavers are the pride of australia’s architectural history. Bluestone is also called as Basalt in Australia which are volcanic stones that have formed and textured over millions of years. Blue stones are hard and extremely dense which enables this natural stone to provide strong strength to the built structures. It is the most common type of building material used to build famous architectural structures and pathways across Australia because of its natural beauty and longevity. Even today, the Victorian government relies on bluestone pavers and tiles to build the driveways, pathways, outdoor pavers, government offices as it comes with a perfect package of reliability, weather-resistance, non-slipperiness and durability.

We stock Australian Bluestone Pavers for landscapers, builders, designers. architects and homeowners. Stone Pavers are renowened bluestone suppliers in Australia and have been supplying australian blue stone for years to achieve the finest results in style and functionality. These pavers are amazing when used in outdoor settings because of their strength and versatility. A truly versatile product with a huge variety of sizes, formats and surface textures, our Australian Bluestone range a all volcanic stones that have formed and hardened over millions of years. These pavers are extremely dense and hardwearing, which makes this natural stone a genuine choice for use in the most vigorous applications. For the ultimate in sophistication and luxury, you can’t go past the universal appeal of bluestone. A tough stone famously chosen by the City of Melbourne as the stone of choice throughout the CBD.

Our Autralian Bluestone range have been installed in various government, commercial and non-profit projects in Melbourne, Sydney and across Australia. We provide FREE SAMPLE delivery of bluestone tile. Contact us for more information about bluestone ranges.

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– Durable and Hard-wearing – Non-Slippery – Cool under the foot – Elegant and Unique – 100% Natural Stone


– Indoor and Outdoor Flooring – Swimming Pool Surroundings – Entertaining Areas – Patios, Balconies and Sitting areas – Garden Paths and Walkways – Stepping Stones – Wall Cladding


Just sweep when required with a solution of mild detergent and water, can be applied prior to pressure cleaning.


An invisible sealer can be applied to assist in the ongoing clean up of the stone.


1000x500x20mm $145 m2, 1000x500x30mm $179 m2, 400x400x20mm $130 m2, 400x400x30mm $160 m2, 500x500x20mm $140 m2, 500x500x30mm $169 m2, 600x300x20mm $140m2, 600x300x30mm $169 m2, 800x400x20mm $140 m2, 800x400x30mm $169 m2

Travertine Grades

Before purchasing your travertine tiles or pavers, it is important to become familiar with industry terms in order to choose the grade & rating of the travertine tiles or travertine pavers most appropriate for your purposes. The most popular grade in Australia is standard grade, due to its overall performance rating and value for money.


Premium grade

Standard Grade

Rustica Grade


  • – This grade offers the greatest selection of colours with some inclusions of gray or black markings in the travertine tiles surface.
  • – The travertine tiles are carefully chosen to be more consistent in colour and surface honing.
  • – None of the travertine tiles of this grade will have large holes migrating through the tile from top to bottom.
  • – The tumbled edges of the tiles are smooth and corner edges are more intact.
  • – Should be sealed after installation process has finished with a penetrating sealer such as TASMAM STONESHIELD.


Performance Rating 9

Value for Money Rating 7

Overall Rating 8


  • – This grade offers the second largest selection of travertine tile colours, with slightly more inclusions of gray or black markings.
  • – The travertine tiles are carefully chosen to have reasonably consistent colours throughout each batch.
  • – Some large holes are allowed in standard grade travertine tiles. Additionally, rarely some holes may be filled through the full thickness of the tile.
  • – The color may contain some striations or swirls.
  • – The edges of the tumbled tiles are smooth and occassionally have small parts of the corner missing due to the tumbling process.
  • – Should be sealed after installation process has finished with a penetrating sealer such as TASMAM STONESHIELD


Performance Rating 9

Value for Money Rating 9

Overall Rating 9


  • – Large color variations are allowed within the tile including gray or black markings.
  • – Small to large unfilled holes are allowed as are small defects in sizing and honing.
  • – The tiles are not filled and should be filled with colour matched grout during grouting.
  • – It is acceptable for large voids to be filled during grouting process.
  • – Holes that run from the surface to the bottom of the tile are allowed.
  • – Edges may be cracked or broken.
  • – Tiles may be delivered without color selection or sorting.
  • – Can be left to age gracefully over time, aquiring that aged look.


Performance Rating 7

Value for Money Rating 9

Overall Rating 8