Stack Stone Fireplace

Classic Stack Stone Fireplaces

Stack Stone Fireplaces

Any fireplace is transformed into a textural showpiece by the earthy charisma of stack stone. We can help you come up with your own unique stacked stone focal point.

You may get the look of a conventional stack stone fireplace without the thickness and weight of standard full bed masonry veneer with our easy to lay light weight stacked stone. Our panel method is a cost and labour effective solution for fireplace stacked stone, whether you just need a stacked stone fireplace surround or want the look to go floor to ceiling.

Stackstone Fireplaces Provide a Classic Look
When done right, stacked stone fireplaces have a timeless aesthetic and have proved to keep their value, making them an excellent home improvement option. Many top designers and installers prefer our stack stone as a premium stone for fireplace restorations and new construction.

When it comes to making an area feel snug or giving it a rustic aesthetic, it’s difficult to go wrong with a stone fireplace. Stacked stone fireplaces allow us to provide warmth and comfort to decors and areas that would otherwise be cold and uninviting. It might not appear to be a very significant interior design element, but it is and always will be. However, how can you adapt a stone fireplace into a contemporary setting and design around it?
Check out these stacked stone fireplace ideas to see how you may incorporate this element into your decor.