Stone Feature Walls

Natural Stone Water Features

Stone Feature Walls

Stone cladding can be used to create a stone feature wall that adds to the structural appeal of a home or commercial building. Stackstone, ledge stone and loose rocks may be used for feature walls, outdoor entertaining areas, swimming pool areas, and exterior walls.

Create your unique nature stone feature wall
Stone feature walls can completely change your interior. Few materials have the same cozy and luxurious appearance as natural stone. Thanks to our easy to tile ledge stone and stack stone, installing stone feature walls in your home has never been easier.

With the walls of our stone features, you can make a truly outstanding home. If you are looking for a distinctive wall cladding, we have an exciting range to create a stunning look. From distinctive paneling to distinctive outdoor walls, we have everything to refresh the look of your home. To give your home a luxurious look, simply stack and stagger natural stone panels and glue them together with stone adhesive (also available for sale). With our high quality and durable stone wall cladding, you can finally realize your dream of a stone feature wall.

All textures and colors of stone feature wall cladding are inspired by native Australian stone and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Browse our gallery for inspiration. Feel free to contact our team on: 03 9706 9767 for more information

Top Benefits of Natural Stone Water Features in Your Outdoor Space
Moving water doesn’t only look attractive, but it calms our minds and gives us a perfect view. The interesting part is that the water feature is no longer confined to the gardens and public places. It has become a common décor option for residential and commercial spaces. You must have seen homes where the water fountain is installed right in the center of a lavish garden. Some homeowners choose the artificial water feature to give their space a touch of elegance. What makes this water feature quite interesting is the use of natural stone.

Whether you install the bubbling rocks or pot fountains, natural stone completes your water feature by giving your space a rustic and natural feel. You don’t have to spend thousands of bucks on an exorbitant water fountain. A high-quality water feature made of natural stone will give the best performance. You could also use garden beds and a stone walkway to complement the water feature. Anything that features natural décor element will look great with the fountains and natural stone water features. Here’s why you must install a water feature in your exteriors.
· It Promotes a Feeling of Relaxation
There is a good reason why many Gurus and practitioners spend a considerable amount of time near the lakes, pools, and other natural water features. People have claimed that the sound of the flowing water offers a great level of mental peace. Imagine having fresh and clean water running through the rocks of natural stones in your backyard. And, imagine being able to listen to the soothing sound of this water flow anytime you want.
Well, that’s one of the reasons why people install water features in their landscapes. Therapists have been recommending hydrotherapy for different psychiatric diseases. Undoubtedly, being around the water that’s surrounded by grass, natural stones, plants, and other natural décor elements can help speed up your recovery.
· An Attractive Sightseeing Experience
Who doesn’t want to spend some quality and fun time around the water features? It feels even better when you have installed the natural stone water fountain looks incredibly attractive and gathers the attention of your guests the moment they walk into your home. If you have installed the water fountain or bubbling rock in the center of your front yard, then it is going to be the first thing that draws the attention of your visitors. It also enhances the curb appeal of your home. Giving you yet another reason why you must consider having a fountain or water feature in your exteriors!
· Enjoy the Surroundings
Another benefit of having a water feature is that it simply looks super attractive and pleasing to your eyes. If you are having a bad day, just grab a cup of coffee, and sit around the flowing water. You don’t even have to invite people over or visit your friends to elevate your mood. Just sit by the water features and natural stones for a while and see how it improves your mood.
As mentioned earlier, the water feature brings a deep sense of relaxation to your mind and body. It helps improve your mood and makes you feel better. Sometimes, all you need is some time alone to feel better. And, what could be a better place to have some me-time than the water feature? Experts believe that flowing water has healing properties, meaning it can bring your stress levels down.
· Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal
You could combine the water features with a swimming pool and grow lilies and other water flowers to improve the aesthetics of your exteriors. A swimming pool is a great addition to any type of landscape – be it the retro-style exteriors or a contemporary landscape. Birds and dragonflies will also be attracted to the water feature.
Basically, the water feature is the easiest and cheapest possible option for homeowners who want to improve the curb appeal of their home without having to spend a fortune on landscaping. All you need is a bunch of natural stone pavers and bubbling rocks. There you go! The water feature looks the best in backyards and on pool decks, but you could also install it on the patio and alfresco. No matter where you install it, rest assured that it will enhance your property’s value.
· Gives an Authentic and Rustic Feel to Your exteriors
Usually, people don’t even consider adding water features, as they think it is the most expensive décor piece. While the water fountain does cost you a few hundred bucks, there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t consider installing it. It is comparatively less expensive than building a swimming pool or a patio. Consider it as an investment that will attract a lot of homebuyers in the future. It is the best way to create a landscape that looks completely unique and different from your neighbors’ exteriors.

If you want to create a contrasting landscape that features a combination of modern and retro-style décor elements, then add a natural stone water feature to the exteriors. Cover your backyard with a high-quality water fountain to give it a unique look!